Details About Us

Specializing in building quality relationships with our clients, jpb designs offers a boutique feel to wedding planning.

Each of our planners believes in the importance of wedding details because it is within those special, personalized details that will bring you joy and years of great memories.

Each planner at jpb designs lives and breathes by our daily planners and notebooks. Using our strong sense of organization, we work along side you to hone in on the personal details you want to include and incorporate into your wedding day, while keeping track of every last detail so you can simply relax and enjoy the celebration.

After years of working in this industry, I believe in how essential an excellent wedding planner is to the success and tone of the wedding day. As a past bride Christy states, she was able to “be in the moment on the wedding day and simply enjoy the emotions of getting married” while knowing jpb designs took care of all the details.

Jenny Bartkus

Owner & Chicago Planner

Jenny often compares wedding planning to putting together a puzzle without knowing what the pieces are. She loves it! Details, organization, and logistics drive her passion for wedding coordinating and planning. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering for her children’s schools, running, and sharing laughs with her family.

Stephanie Pepper

 SW Michigan Planner

Stephanie lives to plan. Her background includes planning corporate events for 500+ people. So, when it comes to weddings, she’s got this! Stephanie’s romantic side brings out her best when helping couples plan the most important day of their lives. On her Sundays off, she loves playing with her dog Murphy and going to brunch with her husband.

Vanessa Young

Baltimore/DC Planner

Vanessa’s strong family values are at the core of her passion for wedding coordination and planning. Seeing the wedding as the first step to building a lifetime of love and memories together, Vanessa values her ability to help couples plan. On free weekends, Vanessa loves to travel and spend quality time with her family.