Elissa & Tommy |Gallery 1028

This is Elissa & Tommy. What a dreamy couple, right?

Tommy asked Elissa to marry him in 2017 – right around Christmas time. Because of this, they really wanted to have a Chicago winter wedding with a Christmas theme. A Christmas tree and all!

The Groom’s Toast

During our planning meeting, about two months prior to their wedding, Tommy told me he planned to stand up and give a thank you toast at the reception. Ok, I thought, that sounded reasonable.

Then, he told me it was going to be 12 minutes long. Yes, you read that right. Twelve minutes long!

Tommy and Elissa are both very organized; they could easily be described as both having Type A personalities. Being the same way, I really appreciated their organization – and attention to timeliness!

However, I couldn’t help but think:

What could he possibly talk about for 12 minutes? How was he going to keep everyone’s attention? How did he know, for a fact, that it would be exactly 12 minutes?!?

Let me tell you –

He killed it!

I, along with every single other person in that room, hung on to his every word.

Groom Getting Ready at The Viceroy

As he approached the dance floor, I could see he was a bit nervous, but with a confidence-boosting smile from Elissa, he executed perfectly.

We learned that he met Elissa when his buddies coerced him into going out to a bar to watch March Madness games. He walked straight up to Elissa, a bartender that night. We learned it was love at first sight. He asked for her number, and the rest is history. But, I also learned what a hopeless romantic he is and how thoughtful, caring, and kind the two of them are.

Ultimately, Tommy’s toast was one of my favorite moments in all of my weddings last year.

A Thoughtful Couple

Elissa and Tommy chose The Viceroy hotel as their getting ready location. Earlier in the year, knowing it was going to be a special hotel to them, Elissa surprised Tommy with a birthday celebration and stay-cation at The Viceroy. She kept it secret by telling him they were going to look at the hotel for their wedding but really she had a bunch of balloons waiting for him in the room and dinner plans arranged.

The Viceroy became a perfect getting ready location for this group. I mean, look at the stunning views from the bridal suite!

Wedding Dress Overlooking Chicago Skyscrapers
Chicago Winter Wedding
Wedding Party Viceroy Hotel

A Holiday Themed Winter Wedding

Using winter greens and tasteful holiday decor, Studio AG decorated Gallery 1028 as a warm, inviting space for their Chicago winter wedding.

Here are some of the fun, winter details the couple infused throughout the day…

Chicago Winter Wedding Flowers
Gallery 1028 Ceremony Chicago Winter Wedding

It was such an honor to be a part of Elissa & Tommy’s wedding day! The funny thing is that I think most people felt the same way I did. It really was a special day to be a part of!

I loved listening to their stories, hearing others describe the two of them, and watching them fall in love over and over throughout the day. Can we do it again?!?!?

Thank you to the vendor team:

Venue: Gallery 1028

Catering: Calihan Catering

Flowers / Decor: Studio AG

Photographer: Emma Mullins

Band: Blue Water Kings (We have also worked with BWK here)