Who Likes to Entertain?

Will you and your spouse be habitual entertainers? As a planner, I was built this way. I love a house full of people who I can entertain and cater to. Fortunately, my husband does as well.

Registering was so much fun for us! In retrospect, however, I wish I had registered for a few more items that are vital for entertaining.

Read below to see which items this experienced entertainer wishes she had on hand from Pottery Barn’s registry list.

Pottery Barn Wish List

  1. Serving Platter
pottery barn registry

Honestly, I would register for a couple of different platters that you can use to mix and match. These ones with the lip are perfection!

2. Plates

pottery barn registry

Did you know PB offers these great caterer’s boxes? You can buy a set of 12 plates to keep in storage until the holidays when you host more than your daily dinner collection can handle!

3. Tiered Stand

pottery barn registry

Give your buffet height and dimension by adding a tiered stand. All in all, these are great for the appetizers at the beginning of the night or small desserts at the end.

4. Bowls

pottery barn registry

You will most definitely need bowls. If you think about it, or at least this is how we operate, we use bowls for a majority of our side dishes for dinner parties and holidays.

5. Tray

pottery barn registry

Serving outside? We recommend a tray to help you cart your food and drinks from the kitchen to your guests. Otherwise, are you in the city with limited outdoor space? You can also use the tray as a fresh fruit and veggie tray for your counter.


Have so much fun with this part of the wedding planning process! Honestly, registering is so much fun!

However, if you aren’t feeling the love for registering or if you are simply swamped, we’d love to help you out. See more about our packages here and inquire about our help with registering.

As a note, this is not a sponsored post. I just figured PB is a fan favorite!

Regardless, here is a link to the Pottery Barn registry site.

And, please tell us: what are your other go-to stores for registering?