Want a Smooth Wedding Day?

5 Tips on How to Have a Smooth Wedding Day (from a seasoned wedding planner)

1. Be Selective.

Although I love Pinterest for how it has allowed clients to visually communicate their likes and dislikes, it has put a damper on other aspects of weddings. Because of the plethora of ideas, couples feel compelled to do them all. Yes, you heard me correctly: couples want to incorporate everything they see online. Instead, be selective. Choose what best represents you as a couple.

2. Be Aware.

It’s a wedding day – everything takes much longer. I will tell you very clearly that you won’t be able to sit down and focus on writing thank you’s, vows, or sweet notes to your family the morning of your wedding. Time just doesn’t work the same way on your wedding day as it does on other days. It just doesn’t. It magically disappears, quickly. Instead, plan accordingly to get these important tasks done ahead of time.

Love notes
Jennifer Kathryn Photography

3. Be Fashionable.

How does fashion lead to a smooth wedding day? Please keep weather, climate, and location in mind when picking out your attire – and your wedding party’s attire. If the ceremony is in a beautiful grassy location, reconsider the heels. If you are getting married in January in Chicago, add on a cute, vintage stole for each bridesmaid. Proper fashion will also lead to a smoother wedding day. Everyone will be focused on what matters rather than shoes that hurt or a dress that is uncomfortable.

Wedding Shoes

4. Be Timely.

I direct this note specifically to the ladies. Hair and makeup stylists should arrive before the actual start time to set up in the room. Typically, they ask me for 15 – 20 minutes prior to the start time. Make sure you are in the room to let them in and already have space carved out for them. Then, right at the start time, someone needs to be in that chair ready to go! Subsequently, after the stylist finishes with each person, someone new needs to jump in the chair so that it is never left empty. Starting your day on time, instead of behind, makes a huge difference for a smooth ceremony start!

5. Be Smart.

Hire professionals. As professionals, we are able to push and prod your timeline so that we can either get you back on track or can make adjustments throughout the day to compensate for any delays. True professionals will work as a team and be flexible. Even better? A true professional will do so without adding any worry or stress to your day. This will simply just happen. Like magic!