Our Favorite Things – 2021 edition

Despite this year being absolutely bonkers in the events industry, we are walking away with some of our favorite things that came out of 2021. We hope they are here to stay!

Getting Ready at Home

Don’t get me wrong, it is really nice to get ready at a hotel where your service staff can come to you. However, for quite a few weddings we did this year, we had the warmth and cozy feel of getting ready in the client’s childhood home – or even the home they live in now. It’s full of nostalgia. Being at home allows for those extra added touches of detail that you can place around the house. AND – nothing beats the feeling of getting ready in the house where you have all of your childhood memories!

Tent Weddings

Given the state of the world we lived in this past summer, I had a few clients who completely changed their plans. One, for example, chose to forgo the hotel ballroom wedding and host the wedding in a tent in his childhood home backyard. It was dreamy. These tented weddings are a ton of work (and, although biased, most definitely do require a planner), but they are tons of fun! The ambiance is something you cannot match anywhere else.

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A Focus on the Party

I would only describe this as an “experience” while I watched people come out of the covid lock-down rules and enter the party scene. Some couples focused on good wines, some on big band, some on the amount and quality of food. Regardless, we had a lot of couples this year who wanted to treat their guests to a really great party!

Photo Credit: Peter Wynn Thompson Photography

Detail Focused

Lastly, we loved how focused our clients became on the details. As much as I would like to say that details are my favorite part of planning, I’d be lying. I struggle to find one favorite part. I love it all!

In the images, below, these are the details you see:

  • Details for the Photographer to Style
  • Many Intricate Details at the Table Setting
  • A Nod to Family by Wearing her Mother’s Dress
  • Hand Written Cards, Personalized for each Guest

Ultimately, as we do each year, we learned SO much this past year! What an education! What a ride!

We are thankful for each event and the experience it brought to our team. Now, we are simply hoping some of these favorite things of ours will continue into 2022 and beyond.

Have a wonderful holiday season!

xoxo, the JPB Designs team