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Coming out of the COVID lock down at our first wedding of 2021, the client introduced us to their friends, Ankita & Kunal. In the midst of planning their own wedding, Ankita and Kunal were looking for a little extra help. With two demanding jobs, a destination wedding, and a set of in-laws located in a completely different area of the country, Ankita and Kunal really wanted a wedding planner’s guidance.

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For me, that first client call is where I learn about a client’s vision and trouble spots. However, in all honesty, I also see it as an interview process on both our ends. I need to see that this couple is one who I can have open dialogue. We need to determine if we are comfortable around one another. Ultimately, I have to see if we are a good match.

A great planner is so much more than someone who can craft a detailed timeline. (I could go on forever here…but I’ll spare you.) However, a great planner becomes a confidant, a friend, a mediator, and a sounding board, in the least.

Needless to say, Ankita and I hit it off right away! I will be forever grateful for this wonderful experience as her destination wedding planner.

The Destination Wedding Planner Experience

Much different than most weddings we typically plan, this wedding included the following:

  • three consecutive event days
  • four venues
  • numerous traditions
  • destination vendors who came from all over

Day 1: The Mendhi

In order to get a head start, I flew in early. That day I went to each venue to meet the venue manager. After speaking with them on the phone or via email for the last few months, it was great to see them in “real life”. This also gave me the opportunity to see the space in person. Prior to that, I took virtual tours and studied the floor plans.

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The venues were each so charming! Ultimately, it was nice to really get the feel for them that day.

My path that day ended at the Mendhi where I met some of our vendor team in person. The clients’ families welcomed me with open arms. Because we were together all weekend, I really felt a connection to the families. As a result, my team and I got to know them well. In the end, I think this made our destination wedding planning experience that much more fulfilling.

Day 1 Comes to a Close

Quickly, it became obvious that this weekend was going to be driven by great music (Thanks, Raju!), food, dancing, and family. My team and I quickly became immersed in the culture, learning as much as we could as best we could. There is so much to share! I’ll leave this post with some images from Day 1 as well as the thought we are throwing into the universe.

We would like another US destination wedding in 2022. What a wonderful experience we had! Let’s do it again!

Danny K Photography |
Danny K Photography |

To be continued….

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