Planning is our Passion

Specializing in weddings, we also enjoy helping plan a great party!  It's always fun to plan extra parties as our couples and their families grow.  Inquire with us to see how we can create a dream event for you and your guests.  Our resume includes the following events:

  • non-profit galas
  • mitzvahs
  • bridal showers
  • baby showers
  • rehearsal dinners
  • post wedding brunch
  • anniversary parties
  • multi-day events
  • birthdays
  • corporate events

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We begin by taking the time to understand your vision and the essence of your event. Crafting a narrative that reflects your essence is fundamental to the success of your event, whether it's a corporate gathering, a milestone celebration, or a themed soirée. By intertwining your individual style with personalized touches, we curate an event plan that captures the essence of your occasion. Whether you envision a classic affair, a contemporary gathering, or a trend-setting experience, we specialize in infusing bespoke elements that resonate with you and your guests.

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"Thank you for helping us have the best day ever for Maggie and Larry's wedding. Perfect! I do not know what I would have done without you!" 

Cindy, mother of bride

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• Galas
• Fundraisers
• Products Launches
• Retirements
• Grand Openings
• Holiday Parties
• Conferences
• Team Building Events

Just like a wedding is a celebration of two people, corporate events should showcase what makes your organization exceptional. JPB Designs takes the time to understand your goals, culture, and mission to ensure that your events will earn rave reviews.


• Showers
• Birthdays
• Graduations
• Mitzvahs
• Holiday Parties
• Community Events
• Anniversary Parties


When planning a wedding, it's not unusual for us to develop a close bond with the happy couple. Luckily, we don't have to say goodbye after the "I Do"s. JPB Designs can also plan all of your social events, from anniversary parties to special birthday celebrations. We want to be your go-to family event planner!

Let's Celebrate

3. Do you travel?

You bet! Let us know where you are considering having your event and we’ll walk you through what is involved with having one of our event planners on site.

4. What if I feel like I might have trouble relinquishing control on one of the biggest days of my life?

Honestly, we have a lot of “Type A” clients. After meeting with us, those people realize they are in good hands! We're "Type A" ourselves, and by your wedding day, we'll have all of the details fully executed so you can relax and enjoy the day with your spouse, family and friends.

5.  My venue already has a coordinator, so why should I look into hiring you?

Although we cannot speak to the quality or service that your venue coordinator is offering, we can tell you that we offer a whole-day experience. From the moment your hair and makeup are wrapping up, we are on site making sure everyone is ready to leave on time with everything they need. Working with transportation, the church and your guests, we help direct traffic, grab grandmas who might otherwise be left behind and collect your remaining items from the church. We are leading the pack while at the same time following behind to ensure no detail is overlooked.

1.  When is the ideal time to hire a wedding planner?  

We strongly believe it is important to hire your wedding planner soon after you get engaged. The best event planners will explain the pros and cons of each venue and help you anticipate unexpected costs. It’s always great to have us help you plan your engagement party, too! With years of experience in this industry, we know all about the latest venue openings and the most reliable vendors for your big day.

2.  What sets JPB Designs apart from other event planners?

Integrity is paramount to our success. We do not accept money from wedding industry vendors in exchange for recommending them, so you can trust that all of our suggestions are motivated entirely by our desire to craft the best possible event for you. Whether you're planning an event for 50 or 500 guests, our skilled team is comfortable taking the reins and managing teams, vendors and logistics throughout the planning process. At JPB Designs, we created packages that fit our clients needs, depending on the client's desire of service.  We are committed to our open door policy, so you can count on always being able to reach us at any point during the planning process. Lastly, we fully believe in leading with the heart.  Planning personal events requires personal decisions.  We get that!  Let us guide you through these decisions.


"Working with JPB Designs was the best decision I made for my wedding!"