Why We Say “Wedding Coordinator”

Wedding Coordination

Have you seen our new website yet that features our amazing wedding and event planning team?  I assume if you are reading this, then you at least have seen the new blog post page.  We are SO Super Excited about this!  Seriously.  Totally thrilled with how it all turned out!  Check out the home page here.

Not surprisingly, the design process took a couple of months.  With the amazingly talented Dawn Alderman, we discussed the ins and outs of what to include on the new site.

Wedding Day-of Coordinator

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One tid bit of this industry that I’m always explaining to new clients is the terminology behind a wedding coordinator.  So often, you’ll hear people talk about day-of planners or a day-of wedding coordinator.  The difference between the two is something I wanted to describe on the new site, but there really wasn’t an appropriate place for it. … then Dawn suggested a blog post.  (She’s always finding different ways to encourage me to get back to writing on the blog!  Sneaky lady!)

Since our inception over a decade ago, I’ve never been able to see how we could offer the high quality service we do when we execute your wedding details if we were to enter into your life on the actual wedding day and not much beforehand.  To us, it is so much more than that!

Three Reasons Why You Need More…

To sum it up, we have three reasons why we are passionate about calling ourselves “Wedding Coordinators” as opposed to any other name.

1. Begin 2 Months Before

The term day-of-wedding coordinator implies that the service provided is only for the actual wedding day.  As you are planning your big day, you know that your wedding binder is overflowing with all the little details.  It’s those details that we, as wedding coordinators, need to know.  Therefore, we start our process with you approximately two months prior to the wedding.  We like to do a site visit where we can see exactly how your guests will move through the event.  Then, we have a planning meeting – a long planning meeting!

It’s at this time that we hope to take everything off your shoulders.  Feeling confident, you can hand over all of the information, as we sort and organize it into a timeline and wedding day that will be well-run and stress-free!

2. Coordinate Vendors

To orchestrate a well-run wedding day, it takes more than just placing items in the right spots – or ensuring those items are returned to the appropriate place by the end of the night.

Running a successful event also includes taking care of the team of people who are working to make your wedding perfect!  Your vendors will work as a well-oiled machine.  But first, our job is to ensure they feel as though they will be super successful on your wedding day from the time they step foot at your event.  That said, it’s a wedding!  Things come up.  And, we tackle those so that you are none-the-wiser.

However, as your wedding coordinator, we make sure to handle all of the last minute details with your vendors so that we are all prepared to work as a team to provide you with the best wedding day!

3. Attend Rehearsal

What about the rehearsal?!?  Generally speaking, our rehearsals are typically done the day prior to the wedding.  The term day-of planner or day-of coordinator, again, implies that a rehearsal would be extra.  For us to feel the most successful on the wedding day, we like to attend the rehearsals, and that is why it is a part of our package.  In fact, as your wedding coordinator, we can also offer to orchestrate them for you if your officiant is unable to be present.

At the rehearsal, we take a moment to introduce ourselves to those VIPs who you have invited to the rehearsal.  We let them know they should turn to us on the wedding day if they need anything. And, you know what?  They are so great about it!  They totally will track us down and find us if anything is needed.

This leaves you and your family free to enjoy the company of others without a worry in the world!


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Can you tell we are passionate about what we do!  Working in the events industry is an absolute dream for each person on our team.  We absolutely love it!

Currently, we offer coordination services in the Chicagoland area, Michigan, Baltimore, and DC.  But, we are open to traveling too!  Check out our favorite destination wedding locations here!  Give us a call so we can set up a time to talk about how we can best serve you!