Love is Essential



this is a movement to GIFT AN ENTIRE WEDDING to a deserving couple.

This movement is to serve and give back to ESSENTIAL WORKERS. To show LOVE triumphs over trial. To support fellow vendors in the wedding industry. We are working together to GIVE BACK in a time of uncertainty by gifting a deserving couple a completely FREE wedding.

Born from a desire to give radically, even in a time of great uncertainty, we have put together an amazing team of wedding vendors willing to donate their talents. Now, we are looking for the perfect couple. Two essential workers in love willing to share their story as we follow their wedding adventure. A couple madly in love who put their wedding plans on hold because of the pandemic. The Love is Essential wedding will take place in 2022. Between now and then we will follow our couple’s love story as they look forward to their dream wedding.

Love is Essential is happening because of the generosity of the best wedding vendors in Chicago. Our team is dedicated to giving back to essential workers to show our gratitude for their service.

This outstanding team is comprised of:

The couple shown in these pictures are Stephanie and Jeremy, two amazing essential workers who were married in January of 2020. Stephanie is a nurse and Jeremy is a firefighter. To help us with this project, they generously volunteered (on their shared day off) to model for us in the heart of Chicago. We loved documenting their connection and getting a glimpse of what life has been like for them as essential workers as they wade through the rough waters of 2020.

We are searching for two essential workers who have put their wedding plans on hold. Two people madly in love but committed to serving our community. If you would like to nominate yourself or a friend, please complete this form.

We have the most beautiful gift to give – now, we need to find the perfect couple.

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