Perfecting Your Wedding Details

How many times have you searched for the perfect wedding details on Pinterest? It’s an obsession, right? Don’t get me wrong – we use Pinterest as well and love seeing all of the detail shots, too. In fact, you can see our Pinterest account here.

A Planner’s Perspective on All the Details

From a planner’s perspective, we love details. Love them. But, it has to be just the right amount. I know – this sounds so silly.

It’s similar to accessorizing: Don’t Over Accessorize.

Your Details

Let’s start with you. Channel your inner Marie Condo – you want to be surrounded by all that brings you joy. From your shoes to your hair accessories, make sure that you find each piece brings you happiness. Maybe that comes in the form of borrowing something from a best friend. Maybe that comes in the form of bonding with your mom while you shop for your wedding shoes. Regardless, each piece should bring you joy.

Wedding Ceremony Details

Your wedding ceremony is another opportunity to choose memorable wedding details that will stick with your guests long after they leave.

Here is one of my favorites was from a few years ago… One of our brides had recently lost her grandfather. As she told us, her grandpa always wore flannels. She said a good flannel always brought back so many great memories for her of her grandpa. On the wedding day, she had a little sleeve of one of his old flannel shirts that she asked us to wrap around her bouquet so that he could be present with her the rest of the day. It was such a special piece!

Peter Gubernat Photography
Peter Gubernat Photography

You can see images from that beautiful wedding here.

Reception Details

I’ve found cocktail hour to be a great opportunity to wow your guests. In addition to having the ability to personalize your guest book, signature cocktails, and napkins, you also have cocktail hour as an opportunity for a big WOW factor.

A Grand Entrance is always fun! Last year we had a couple who hired a local and professional group of bag pipers to lead the guests into the reception tent from the cocktail area. Guests loved it!

Good luck! And, Happy Planning!