Valentine’s Day Gift

Wondering what Valentine’s Day Gift to get for your significant other? It’s just about that time to start thinking about this! Before you know it, Valentine’s Day will be here!

Check out some of these gifts below and let us know which are your favorites.

  1. Coordinates as Art

Although this one is the couple’s engagement location, you use your high school coordinates, if you are high school sweethearts, or the coordinates of the location of your first date cafe.

3. Date Night Box

The Artistic Box – Etsy

How cute is this? This box is outfitted with paint night supplies and hot chocolate. It’s perfect for this winter, in particular, when we are stuck inside!

3. Watercolor Milestone

Katie Sinclair Art – Etsy

Been together awhile? How adorable is this? You send the artist a few of the important milestones in your lives, and she comes up with something adorable like this one!

4. Personalized Gift Book

Maybe I’m attracted to this gift because I absolutely loved the peanuts book Love is Walking Hand in Hand when I was a kid. Regardless, I think this is adorable.

5. Keychain

Change and Charms – Etsy

Simple yet memorable, this keychain is a great gift for someone who is looking for a small and impactful gift. If you have children, you can even add on pennies to the keychain that include dates of your children’s birthdays.

Gift Giving

Finding the right gift tends to be tough for me, as the gift giver, because I usually want to find something unique and personal. I generally stay away from popular items when I’m choosing a Valentine’s Day gift. So, for those of you who have the same thoughts as I do, I hope this is helpful!

You’ll have to let me know if you find any other great gifts, too.

See our registry post here if you are looking to purchase something for the home.